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For anyone who likes to travel in Thailand by taking a self-drive trip or doing a road trip, today, Phi Mushroom Mushroom Travel has some advice on how to prepare a car for you. In order to travel comfortably and safely throughout the trip Driving the car itself is another very charming tour. can be flexible at own time whether to increase or decrease the travel program Plus, get to know your travel companions better as well. who is preparing Driving around the country Let's have a look at the preparation before the trip as follows.

1. Prepare yourself and your body.
Driver's health is important. The driver must have strength. Get enough rest and get ready for a drive around the country. in a long distance Because if there is an illness before the trip, it may be at risk of an accident. Therefore, before traveling, you must take care of yourself. get enough sleep to avoid falling asleep while driving and drive with caution Do not drive faster than the legal limit.

2. Study the route every time before traveling.
To make traveling in Thailand safe throughout the trip We should always study the path first. By considering the selection of various routes such as routes that save fuel and tolls, road conditions, traffic conditions in that area Where are the rest stops along the way? including petrol pumps, etc.

3. Check the condition of the car and prepare equipment for emergencies.
The first safety that we can check by ourselves is Checking the condition of the vehicle to be used Driving to other provinces, preliminary, including checking various lighting systems, from headlights, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and then look at the various liquid systems inside the engine, such as engine oil Brake fluid, radiator, distilled water, battery which these little things can be checked by yourself and check before traveling early If there is any point that is not ready, it can be fixed in time. including the preparation of car-related equipment in case of emergency

4. Prepare emergency phone numbers when necessary.
Phone numbers should be saved for use in case of emergency during travel, for example:

1193 Highway Patrol
1586 Department of Highways
1155 Tourist Police
1146 Department of Rural Roads
1669 Sickness emergency
1192 Report a lost car
191 Urgent Accident
199 Fire
1554 Vajira Hospital

5. Follow the traffic rules. Maintain discipline on the road
It is important to follow traffic rules. to prevent accidents on the road whether driving near or far And most importantly, drive with caution, not recklessly or over speeding. The things that the driver should do are as follows.

- Keep a distance from the car in front To leave room for braking or maneuvering when unexpected events occur.
- Not overtaking or changing lanes Even if it is calculated that it can speed up to overtake Should wait for the moment to overtake or change lanes that are really safe. Therefore, it is something that should be done more.
– Be especially careful when entering communities or unfamiliar areas. because some areas will have unclear traffic signs or winding road can cause an accident
– Drive smoothly In order for the traveling companions to sit comfortably, do not get motion sickness, should not accelerate or brake hard which, when stepping on and releasing the accelerator pedal, can make passengers feel dizzy and feel uncomfortable It is also a behavior that is at risk of losing the balance of the car. until a serious accident
- Stop driving every 2 hours or as soon as you feel tired. In order for the driver to rest his body including resting the engine
– Drive more “calm” than usual, especially when we have to travel during the festival with many road users. It gives us a chance to encounter a bad driver than usual, so every time we have to Driving around the country during long weekend Drivers should remain calm, let go and forgive unloving behavior on the road.
– During the trip, do not drink alcoholic beverages. Either as a driver or a traveling companion In order to prevent dangers that will cause reduced driving performance. until an accident

And all of this is preparation for driving, traveling in Thailand to other provinces that Phi Mushroom brought for me. To make the self-driving tour go smoothly and enjoyable. Whether near or far, it's fine. I'm worried. For those who want to drive abroad to collect information, prepare for various aspects here >> Driving abroad how to prepare Safe throughout the trip

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